May I bring my spouse, children or other family to be photographed?

Absolutely! I LOVE getting the whole family involved! Grandparents, spouse, kids, step kids, AND we can even include your pet! We want to show your kiddo down the line how much love surrounds them when they make their arrival!

WHat do I wear?

One of the most important things to know is I want you to be comfortable! If your comfort level is a jeans and T-shirt or its a dress. You pick out the outfit that makes you not only feel beautiful but confident as well.

When is the best time to set up a maternity session?

The best time to rock your maternity session is when you are roughly between 28 and 35 weeks for mamas with just one baby. I've come to learn that mamas of multiples usually are comfortable up to about 30 weeks. But it also depends on YOU. What your comfort level is. You know you and your body the best.

Where do you do your sessions?

My favorite location is Centennial lakes in Edina. Several different spots that give different feels. Almost like your traveled. However, I love going to new locations and I am always up to visit a place that is special to you and your family. Never hesitate to suggest a location. It makes your images special to you!

WHat happens if it rains the day of our session?

Because I do all of my sessions outside I always keep an eye on the weather. So if its suppose to rain we reschedule with no fee.

What can we expect with a family session?

When we set up your family session you can expect snuggles, laughs and lots of silly faces and phrases. I will try to get to know everyone that is with you at your session. If your session includes fur babies or other types of pets, plan on lots of petting and snuggles. I love animals and want your pet to feel as comfortable with me as you are.